We are a local chapter of the Chi Phi Fraternity at Southern Utah University. Our core values are truth, honor, and personal integrity. We hope that this website provides useful information about our organization.


Garth Frehner - President

E: garthfrehner@gmail.com

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Chi Phi is a national fraternity, here at Southern Utah University we are one of many local chapters. The purpose of Chi Phi Southern Utah (Xi Theta) is to build better men through promoting academic rigor and professional, leadership, & personal development. 

Our university and our chapter are relatively small, this provides excellent opportunities to get involved on campus and within the fraternity. Throughout each semester we have one or two leadership presentations given by campus staff and administration. Many of our brothers have been involved with organizations as tutors, Presidential Ambassadors, student association members, and ACES. Within the chapter, we encourage brothers to start campaigns and programs that will allow then to boost their professional resumes.

We pride ourselves on being somewhat of a "rag-tag" group of men. Our members come from varying ethnic backgrounds, the LGBT community, and various religious faiths. Many people when they try to describe us have a difficult time coming up with one word. For us, we like to use "authenticity". On top of the values we hold as a national organization, locally we value being true to ourselves and seek to find authentic happiness. We engage in leadership and activity not for praise, but to better ourselves and help those around us. To us, success is not measured by recognition or reward, but knowing that we have done our work and have made an impact to the world around us.


The Chi Phi Fraternity stems from three older organizations, each of which bore the name of Chi Phi. These organizations were the Chi Phi Society, founded at the College of New Jersey (Princeton); the Chi Phi Fraternity, established at the University of North Carolina; and the Secret Order of Chi Phi, founded at Hobart College.

Though Chi Phi is most prevalent on the East Coast, the fraternity has been making tremendous strides to increase its West Coast presence. Chi Phi now has 57 active chapters, the most recent being a newly formed colony at the University of Southern California