We are a local chapter of the Chi Phi Fraternity at Southern Utah University. Our core values are truth, honor, and personal integrity. We hope that this website provides useful information about our organization.


Garth Frehner - President

E: garthfrehner@gmail.com

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Our chapter is still young, and we have initiated a little over 100 members over the last six years. Many of our alumni have moved onto graduate school while others went directly into careers. 


Currently a 3rd year Chemistry PhD candidate at the University of Denver. His project is focused on designing flourescent probes to detect small molecules of biological relevance. After graduation Sacha will engage in a postdoctoral fellowship elsewhere and will hopefully be able to teach Organic Chemistry at a university while managing a small lab.

"During my time in Chi Phi I had the opportunity to practice people skills in a range of different settings. Learning to make long and short term plans for an organization and execute them. We worked as a team which is  something that means a lot me. We are men with different backgrounds, majors, hobbies, and lifestyles that came together to make each other and Chi Phi better than how we found it. 

I learned what it means to be a brother being in Chi Phi. Through tough decisions, managing college life, personal stresses and what ever else happened, we stood together. Memories and lessons that still impact my daily routine and friendships that still hold strong."

Sacha Toussaint